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Dispensing success stories 

How two oncology practices tackled their challenges

Improving patient outcomes, increasing satisfaction, managing costs: these are the elements of value-based care. A medically-integrated dispensing program can help your practice address these challenges and keep patient care at the forefront.

However, declining reimbursement, DIR fees and network access issues present new challenges for dispensing programs. New challenges demand new thinking.

Case studies

These two case studies highlight how two different practices tackled their unique dispensing challenges, with the help of VitalSource GPO.

How one practice achieved more comprehensive patient care by converting to a retail pharmacy

How one practice overcame their challenges and transformed their dispensary from a liability to an asset

About us

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions empowers community oncology practices to navigate the future of oncology care. We believe that high-quality patient care is directly connected to an optimal dispensing program. Through VitalSource™ GPO, we offer Site of Care Dispensing Solutions built to help empower your dispensing program to succeed, no matter where you are in the process. Our consultative team provides comprehensive resources and deep expertise to guide your program from beginning to end. We take a holistic view of your practice’s operations to develop and implement a clear roadmap that will help you meet your program’s unique goals. Learn more.