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The Pivot Toward Patient-Centeredness

Patient-reported outcomes research and the future of healthcare

An experienced partner to guide your PRO research

Access the resources, expertise and research you need to accelerate your patient-centered research strategy. With deep experience in conducting health economics and outcomes research studies in oncology, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions is uniquely positioned to support your patient-reported outcomes (PRO) studies. We bring unmatched access to oncology providers, as well as extensive experience collecting PRO data and using validated instruments to uncover new insights.

In this article:

  • Patient-reported outcomes measures in pathways programs
  • PRO and Medication Therapy Management
  • Overcoming barriers to greater PRO measurement

The Growing Role of Patient-Reported Outcomes

Dr. Bruce Feinberg, Chief Medical Officer for Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, discusses changing perceptions of patient-reported outcomes (PRO) in medicine and the growing focus on PRO as the industry shifts to value-based care.